miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Gifs de boxeo

Gifs Animados

boxeo cuelga saco guantes rojosboxeo sobre cueras descansa1_2punch.gif (9164 bytes)boxe06.gif (30388 bytes)
glove.gif (5074 bytes)boxing.gif (3979 bytes)boxe.gif (1256 bytes)boxeluvas02.gif (11029 bytes)


Gifs de imágenes
What's the referee doing?Using guy's face as a punching bag
Kid owned by punching bagMuhammad Ali dodging punchesWrestler humpingThe moment before KOPussy boxerBoxing kiss goes wrongEntering box ring failBoxing ring faceplantBoxing failMuhammad AliBoxer uppercuts himselfslow-motion boxing punchReferee beats boxers in the ring

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